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  • Even after 70 years of independence, India is facing severe problems with its education system. 
  • The ASER report shows that barely 47% of children in grade 5 could read a grade 2 level text.
  • A recent report by Digital Empowerment Foundation indicates 90% of the population of India lags on Digital Literacy.  


  • Digital 425 is Youth for Jath’s initiative to enhance teaching and learning in government schools using technology as the prime teaching tool. 
  • The project aims to bring a low-cost, digital learning solution to 425 government schools across Jath region of Maharashtra, reaching over 20,000 children.


  • To enrich the lesson planning and in-class experiences of teachers.
  • To engage students by making learning fun.
  • To enhance students' classroom experiences by diversifying learning activities.
  • To improve student learning outcomes, both subject-specific and in a broader context. 


  • We collect primary data from the school to understand the as-is. Based on the outcome we suggest the viable solution for the school to make an informed decision. 
  • The program follows the participatory model for the funding.  
  • The teachers and villagers raise 70% of funding. 
  • Youth for Jath support the remaining 30%.
  • The model helps to establish collective accountability also give teachers and villagers a sense of ownership. 


  • Increases the confidence
  • Makes students more expressive – interactive
  • Motivates students to come back to school everyday
  • Hands-on experience on computers to students
  • Support teachers in their function without diluting their importance
  • Quality contents based on State board school curriculum
  • Make teachers acquainted with latest technology and computer usage
  • Reduces dropouts
  • Reduces absenteeism 


The cost is for the guidelines purpose. The actual cost may vary. 

  • E-learning software standard 1st to 4th | 1 License | Rs. 7,500

  • E-learning software standard 5th to 7th | 1 License | Rs. 7,500


  • E-learning software standard 1st to 7th | 1 License | Rs. 9,750


  • E-learning software standard 1st to 8th | 1 License | Rs. 10,750


  • E-learning software standard 1st to 10th | 1 License | Rs. 12,500


  • 32-inch TV   + E-learning software | 1 License | Rs. 30,000


  • 40-inch TV   + E-learning software | 1 License | Rs. 40,000

Teacher Speaks

Bhaktraj Garje, Kulalwadi School

Bhaktraj Garje, PPrimary School Teacher, ZP School Kulawadi, Jath

"Digital School is the best initiative for rural students.  It saves our time as we have to prepare less teaching aids now. Teaching is more effective.  Students are now much focused in class room, very eager to learn this way."  

ZP School Bagewadi


"Due to Digital learning the observation power among students have increased, The comparative thinking is also  improved.  As a teacher I am getting  more time to plan for their other activities."

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