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The Problem

  • Even after 70 years of independence, India is facing severe problems with its education system. 
  • The ASER report shows that barely 47% of children in grade 5 could read a grade 2 level text.
  • A recent report by Digital Empowerment Foundation indicates 90% of the population of India lags on Digital Literacy.  

The solution

  • Digital 425 is Youth for Jath’s initiative to enhance teaching and learning in government schools using technology as the prime teaching tool. 
  • The project aims to bring a low-cost, digital learning solution to 425 government schools across Jath region of Maharashtra, reaching over 20,000 children.


  • To enrich the lesson planning and in-class experiences of teachers.
  • To engage students by making learning fun.
  • To enhance students' classroom experiences by diversifying learning activities.
  • To improve student learning outcomes, both subject-specific and in a broader context. 

Our Model

  • We collect primary data from the school to understand the as-is. Based on the outcome we suggest the viable solution for the school to make an informed decision. 
  • The program follows the participatory model for the funding.  
  • The teachers and villagers raise 70% of funding. 
  • Youth for Jath support the remaining 30%.
  • The model helps to establish collective accountability also give teachers and villagers a sense of ownership. 


  • Increases the confidence
  • Makes students more expressive – interactive
  • Motivates students to come back to school everyday
  • Hands-on experience on computers to students
  • Support teachers in their function without diluting their importance
  • Quality contents based on State board school curriculum
  • Make teachers acquainted with latest technology and computer usage
  • Reduces dropouts
  • Reduces absenteeism 


The cost is for the guidelines purpose. The actual cost may vary. 

  • E-learning software standard 1st to 4th
  • 1 License
  • Rs. 7.,500

  • E-learning software standard 5th to 7th
  • 1 License
  • Rs. 7.,500


  • E-learning software standard 1st to 7th
  • 1 License
  • Rs. 9,750


  • E-learning software standard 1st to 8th
  • 1 License
  • Rs. 10,750


  • E-learning software standard 1st to 10th
  • 1 License
  • Rs. 12,500


  • 32-inch TV   + E-learning software
  • 1 License
  • Rs. 30,000


  • 40-inch TV   + E-learning software
  • 1 License
  • Rs. 40,000

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