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Digital 425

Digital 425 is a partnership project among Youth for Jath, School and the local community. The aim of the project is to start digital education at government schools. It will greatly benefit poor and disadvantageous students.

There are around 425 government schools in Jath region. Initially we want to start digital classrooms at 100 schools. The schools which are bigger in size, have some basic infrastructure like computer/smart TV is available and power supply will be benefited immediately. We are closely working with schools to achieve this mammoth task. 

Till today we have successfully started  digital classrooms at the following schools:

  1. Kulalwadi ZP School - Aug 2018 
  2. Achkanhalli ZP School - Aug 2018 
  3. Bagewadi ZP School - Aug 2018 
  4. Yelavi Highschool - Aug 2018
  5. Yelavi Ashram Shala - Sep 2018
  6. Banali Shri Shri Vidyamandir - Sep 2018
  7. Lokhandewasti ZP School - Oct 2018
  8. Garalewasti ZP School - Nov 2018

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