Y4J Mobile Library



It is a well-known fact that kids do not read extracurricular books. Since schools & parents do not nurture reading habit, they lack independent thinking and writing ability when they grow up.

We are on a mission to imbibe reading habit from childhood days.

Why Mobile Library?

  • Municipal Library does not cater to the school going students and youth preparing for the competitive examinations.
  • The school and college libraries have limited access to the students.
  • The public library is inconvenient for schools children due to odd opening times. 


The Solution

  • The mobile library is a vehicle equipped with books suitable for primary, secondary school and college students.
  • The vehicle visit schools and prominent places in Jath on a certain day and time.
  • Children pick up any number of books and whichever book they want. 


Book Bank

We have wide range of books worth Rs. 75 thousand. They include:

  • Story books for Kids
  • Competitive examinations (MPSC/UPSC) books
  • NEET examination books
  • Defence examinations like CDS & SSC books
  • Auto-biographies

We are adding more and more books however we welcome your help in this great initiative.

How can you help?

Donate a story book


Give poor kids an access to the amazing world of story books!


Donate a competitive exam book


Help Hard working poor youth to change their future!