Y4J Mobile Library



The burden of school books have put a barrier on students from reading other books. This reason has resulted in a lack of individual thinking and writing ability in students for the future. Since schools and parents do not take much interest in nurturing the reading habits of kids. So here we have created a platform for students to improve their reading skills by reading a variety of books.

Our primary focus is to cultivate reading habits in children.

Need for the Mobile library: 

  • The municipal library does not have a diversified book.
  • School and college libraries seem to be the right place for reading different books, but then the handful of the resource doesn’t allow students to do so.
  • The public library has an inconvenient opening and closing timing.



  • Keeping in mind the technological advancement made in recent years, mobile libraries appears to be a perfect place for the student to nurture their reading skills.
  • The mobile library is equipped with all the necessary books required by students.
  • This vehicle is convenient since it visits schools and other places in Jath on a particular date and time, children can pick up the number of books of their choice.



We have a collection of books worth 75000 INR. 

•    Novels ( Autobiographies, fictions, fantasy, thriller and many more)

•    Competitive exam books ( UPSC , NEET, MPSC, etc.)

•    Storybooks ( Picture books )

•    General knowledge books

These are a few genres of our collection.

Day-by-day, we are adding more books to this collection to help children. However, your one move can change someone’s life.

How can you help?

Donate a story book


Give poor kids an access to the amazing world of story books!

Donate a competitive exam book


Help Hard working poor youth to change their future!