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Welcome to Youth for Jath (Y4J)


Who are we?

'Youth for Jath' is a non-profit organisation formed with an objective to empower students, teachers, community, schools to make a difference in these spheres & beyond. It was started by a bunch of professionals with a dream to bridge the gap between urban and rural education. We believe that “Quality education is the most potent weapon for transforming the individual and hence transforming the World.” The organisation was incorporated on 19th July 2016 and is registered under the  Societies Registration Act, 1860.

What we do?

Youth for Jath provides academic, material, financial & moral support to students from economically deprived students from primary school level all the way up to college level. 

We provide support to students in following areas:

· Academic Success

· Library and Digital Learning

· Health & Wellness

· Career Guidance

· Coaching and Guidance

Our Causes

Digital 425: E-learning School Program


We aim to provide education using cutting edge technology at every Government school in Jath region.

Mobile Library: Education on Wheels

Youth for Jath's mobile library van

You do not go to the library, let the library come towards you.

Utkrushth - A scholarship Program for underprivileged


A Scholarship Program for Economically Backward Students.

Our Values




Our dream is a place where every child has equal access to the quality education and career opportunities that will ignite their innate capacity & inborn potential.


To empower children from low-income families to succeed in school, college, and career by providing academic, social, financial, moral & psychological support at school & college level through professional education which not just enhances their life chances but also goes a long way in forging responsible citizens.

Core Values

Fairness- No preferential programmes for any caste/creed/religion/gender etc. Economic deprivation and educational backwardness is the sole criteria. 

Transparency- We are open and honest in all aspects of our work and adhere to optimum norms of transparency 

Innovation- We adopt innovative ideas and technology.

Wherever needed we are open to new creative & imaginative solutions that increase affordability, availability and accessibility. 


Where do we work?

Sky is the limit! We want to make difference in the life of every child who need support. Initially we want to concentrate on the area which we are conversant with. 

Geographical area-wise Jath is the largest Taluka (Tahsil) in Maharashtra state of India. It's a rain-shadow drought-prone area with an average rainfall of just 500 mm. In fact, it is the third driest region in India & Driest in Maharashtra with virtually no rivers/streams. Also it is far off from urban conglomerations like Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore. There is an absence of rail network & the road infrastructure is quite inadequate. Overall, the population manages to subsist on agriculture and allied activities which is not reliable due to scanty & irregular rainfall. 

All these unfavourable conditions have led to a historical absence of a culture of quality education & there is an abject lack of professional educational institutes. The children in this region are in desperate need of proper support and guidance to raise their life chances & excel in their lives .

We are working focussedly to enhance the educational quality in this region through our well structured & targeted programmes and activities to augment the existing material & intellectual resources.  

Our Impact

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Our Partners

Cause to Connect Foundation
Saheli Foundation
Satyam Foundation


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