Welcome to Youth for Jath (Y4J)

Who are we?

'Youth for Jath' is a non-profit organisation formed with an objective to empower students, teachers, schools to make a difference in their school, society and beyond. It has started by the bunch of professionals with a dream to bring the change in the education quality. We believe that “Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the World.” The organisation is incorporated on 19th July 2016 and it's registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860.

What we do?

Youth for Jath provides an academic support to students from economically backward class from primary school all the way through college. 

We provide support to students in following areas:

· Academic Success

· Library and Digital Learning

· Health & Wellness

· Career Guidance

· Coaching and Guidance


Our dream is a place where every child has equal access to the educational and career opportunities that will ignite their inborn potential.


To empower children from low-income societies to succeed in school, college, and career by providing academic, social, and well-being support from primary school through professional education.

Core Values

Fairness- No preferential programs for any cast/creed/religion/gender etc.

Transparency- We are open and honest in all aspects of our work.

Innovation- We adopt innovative ideas and technology.

Where we work

Sky is the limit! We want to make difference in the life of every child who need support. Initially we want to concentrate on the area which we know better. 


The area wise Jath is the largest Taluka (Tahsil) in the Maharashtra state of India. It's extremely drought-prone area. It is also not connected through rail network and lacks professional education institutes. The overall population is dependent on agricultural production which is not reliable due to small rainfall. Due to such disadvantageous conditions, the children in this place need more support and guidance to excel in their life.

We work to improve the educational quality in this region through our various programmes and activities.

Our Impact

Motivated Students


Schools Reach





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