Global Team

Ajay Pawar

Mr. Ajay Pawar, Co-founder (Strategy, Communications)

Ajay is an honorary member and strategist of our organisation. He handles all corporate communications and social media marketing. Due to his global experience, he brings a lot of ideas to the table which shapes the future programs of the organisation. He proposed the Digital School programme and he is passionate about it.

Through Y4J he has the aim to identify talents from economically backward class and guide them to pursue the career in IT. By education, he is masters in computer application (MCA) from Shivaji University. 

Saipun Shaikh

Mr. Saipun Shaikh, Co-founder (Government Relations)

The concept of "Youth for Jath" first evolved in the mind of Saipun. When he put forward this idea, everyone agreed to involve in the noble cause. He handles all the government related communications and pursuals. While working as a government official, he comes across with numerous issues of the ordinary citizen. In his previous posting, the work he has done for the Tribal belt of Maharashtra is commendable. In the personal space, he does lot of charity and takes care of educational needs of many students.  

Saipun entered into the Government cadre through the state-level competitive exam (MPSC) and currently posted as Divisional Forest Officer (DFO). He is Masters in Agriculture and Bachelor in Forestry. He is now pursuing PhD.

Gajanan Repal, Dipak Repal

Dr Gajanan Repal, Co-founder (Medical Specialist)

Dr Gajanan is a founder member and medical adviser. He is having diverse experience in medical field and very enthusiastic in social activities. Currently, he is working as Chief Medical Officer for MSPL Limited, Hospet where he runs Blood bank for poor people of the society. 

After completing MBBS from Govt Medical College Miraj, instead of setting up the private practice he chose a different path and accepted an offer to work in the tribal areas of Orissa, India. He is profoundly influenced by social activists like Baba Amate and Dr Prakash Amate.

Sunil Joshi

Dr. Sunil Joshi, (Head of Administration)

Dr Sunil Joshi is one of the strived members of Youth for Jath. He aspired to do various activities for the youth. He did his BAMS, MD and PhD from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore.

He has been engaged in many social activities before joining Youth for Jath. He has adopted more than ten students so far and looked after their school fees until they reach the stage to sustain themselves. He is currently based in Anand, Gujrat (India)

Satish Tangadi

Mr. Satish Tangadi, (Co-founder)

Satish is a founder member. He is BSc in Chemistry and presently working with Baramati Agro Limited.

Satish is an avid art lover. He gets involved in the organisation's presence on the web and print media. He is enthusiastic about farming and one day he dreams to pursue it as a long-term profession. He has provided the office space for Youth for Jath without any rent, and that's how we found a permanent space for the office.  

Local Team

DInesh Shinde

Mr. Dinesh Shinde, (Chairman)

Dinesh is a founder member and a successful businessman from Jath. He is having excellent relations at ground level. He always tries to understand the need for the local issues and communicates to the other members of the organisation.

Amit Bamane

Mr. Amit Bamane, (Secretary)

Amit is a founder member and a real backbone of Youth for Jath. All the initiatives or programs are getting implemented through him. He is having real ground touch at Jath. He effectively coordinates with the local and global team.


Mr. Sachin Jadhav, (Local Team Lead)

Sachin is a leading Air Condition and Refrigerator Technician in Jath with an experience of two decades. He is second to none in this field. He keeps himself up to date with new technology. Due to his nature of the job he has vast people and customer experience. He spreads the Y4J work with his customers and many times finds the real opportunity for the organisation.

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